26. Mezinárodní festival dokumentárních filmů Ji.hlava

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Khosro Khosravi

country: Iran
profession: Director, Other
institution: Freelancer
attending: 24. 10. 2021 - 31. 10. 2021
"Khosro Khosravi, born 1981, Tehran, Iran, and based in there over the course of the current COVID-19 pandemic. He began with theatrical performances in childhood, while in 2006 received his B.A. in Cinema Studies and Directing from Soore Art University in Tehran, and embarked on different careers in filmmaking since then. Recently, a master's degree in Documentary Filmmaking has been conferred on him by DocNomads: A European mobile film school regularly run by three universities in Portugal, Hungary, and Belgium through a diverse programme offered by the European Union."
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