26. Mezinárodní festival dokumentárních filmů Ji.hlava

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Hana Kulhánková

country: Czech Republic
phone: 00420777787978
profession: Film Institution Representative
institution: Institute of Documentary Film
attending: 27. 10. 2021 - 30. 10. 2021
Hana Kulhankova works at the Institute of Documentary Film as a coordinator of IDF Industry Sessions. Hana has been a pre-selector for Karlovy Vary FF, One World FF and Dok. Incubator and serves as an independent expert for the Czech Film Fund. Hana was a director of Prague Pride Festival and a director of One World International Human Rights Documentary FF. She graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno with a degree in English and American studies and studied at Film and Television Department at Ruhr-Universitat-Bochum in Germany. Hana worked for Czech TV and is a co-editor of a textbook Setting Up a Human Rights Film Festival, vol. 2. Hana strongly believes in gender equality in the film industry.
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