27. Mezinárodní festival dokumentárních filmů Ji.hlava

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Dominic Gill

country: United Kingdom
phone: +13104980843
profession: Director
institution: Encompass Films
attending: -
Dominic Gill is a former biologist turned filmmaker. He began his filmmaking career by selling his house, buying a bicycle and riding 20,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina. His film on the subject "Take A Seat" was released in 2011 on ITV4 to critical claim and distributed to over 45 countries winning the Special Jury Prize at Banff Film Festival. He partnered with his wife, Nadia Gill, to open Encompass Films where he directed and shot over 20 digital shorts for companies like Patagonia and Red Bull. His second feature "Coming To My Senses" was debuted at the Austin Film Festival in 2017 and was distributed by The Orchard on Netflix. Dominic is also a cinematographer and was the DP on the France Arte award winning documentary "Riders of Destiny" where he won the Best Cinematography Award
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