28. Mezinárodní festival dokumentárních filmů Ji.hlava

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Alekos Alexiadis

country: Greece
phone: +306949376117
profession: Director
institution: Freelancer
attending: 24. 10. 2023 - 28. 10. 2023
Alekos Alexiadis, an independent filmmaker from Athens, Greece, was born in 1989. He's the creator of several notable works, including Starry Night (2017), Expropriator (2017), Rifts (2021), The Hospital Trilogy & Hereafter (2021), La Sera Di Feffe (2022), Holding Cell (2022), Hot Day Afternoon (2023), From Oregon To The Stars (2023), A Climate Diary (2023) and Terrace, Athens (2017 - 2023). Alekos has dedicated his life to producing essay documentaries that explore the dynamic synergy of urban life, art history, and critical theory, shedding new light on these intersections. His unwavering dedication is to elevating cinema into an epistemological art form and a vehicle for new knowledge. Constantly armed with a camera, Alekos captures the world around him, creating a continuous visual narrative of his experiences and observations.
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