28. Mezinárodní festival dokumentárních filmů Ji.hlava

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Rodrigo Morales

country: Czech Republic
phone: +420702920906
profession: Director, Festival Representative
institution: Rodrigo Morales
attending: 26. 10. 2023 - 29. 10. 2023
Rodrigo Morales is a Czech television and film director of Spanish-Argentine origin, born in La Paz. In November 1989, he became the founder and editor-in-chief of the Student Press Agency Student in the strike movement. He considers the film Visibility (1997), a poetic feature documentary, shot in five countries of the former Eastern Bloc, to be his most important work. He worked as a documentary filmmaker for more than ten years conflict areas in the Balkans, Iraq and Latin America. At the same time, he works on experimental documents.
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